Effective Community Engagement

Through active education and self-development programmes, and by creating and reaching realistic goals that is specifically targeted to young people, we make a significant difference in the life of our community.


Improving Quality of Life

We stay aware and ahead of changes and needs by consistently keeping our fingers on the pulse of our community's needs. By consulting with members of the community on need led issues that affect them, we are better able to serve them more effectively.


Responding to Challenges

By taking correct actions in addressing the needs of our service users. Flexibility in planning and the efficient delivery method of our work means we overcome challenges to reach those who need our services promptly and effectively.


Welcome to

Acorns Children and Young Peoples Service, ACYPS.

We create and coordinate children, youth and families provisions to empower, promote inclusion and cohesion and give young people the confidence and skills they require, to make informed choices for their lives. These include recreational, educational, creative, physical and social aspects with the aim of engaging communities in programmes of activities in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. We work with local partners to develop and extend on our work and to increase the potential for tangible outcomes and accreditation. All of our activities derive through prior and on-going consultations with the young people, families and local residents, providing them with an active voice for the community’s wellbeing.

Some of our priorities include:

  • Increasing access and opportunities for young people who are – Not in Employment, Education or Training – NEET.
  • Reducing Social Inequalities.
  • Providing opportunities for social action.
  • Strengthening a multi-disciplinary approach to address strategic issues.
We run activities during half term and school/summer holidays, offering off-site trips and activities such as; Basketball, Football, Netball and Cricket programmes. Water sports such as; kayaking and swimming as well as trips to Museums, Theme Parks, international visits, themed workshops and some residential activities where we take the young people into the city to give them a view of a differing environment.
Positive Engagement Projects
NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training)
Literacy & Numeracy Transition Summer Programme
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What people say about us

ACYPS have been a great help to my personal development. Their expertise is second to none.

-Miss Natashaa Culm, Senior Student.